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GB Collection of Luis.

Luis's description:

This is my collection of Ghostbusters figures. GB was by far my favorite cartoon from the 80's, so a couple years ago I decided to start collecting them back. The  big majority of them are still in their original package (and sealed!) while a few of them have been taken out and inner box has been removed (however box is still there).

The below is a picture with the overall collection which is almost complete, except for the weapons. I often get questions about pricing and selling the collection. As you can imagine, after collecting this for a few years, it is priceless to me. However, and like most material things in life, I would consider the option if the offer is right and it is for the entire collection. Any question or comment please drop me a line to

Joeghostbuster's Collection

Here is Joeghostbuster's Collection, he also included a lists of what is in this picture (at bottom)

including: Firehouse playset, Ecto 1 car, RGB figures collectors case, NECA stay puft, RGB colorforms play set, RGB glow-in-the-dark colorforms, RGB puzzle, several RGB comics, a slimer 3d comic, Game Informer magazine, RGB metal tv tray, RGB giant coloring book, Diamond 3d sticker book (four of these total) and about 35 loose stickers), Hallmark RGB stickers, 1 sheet RGB character stickers from canada, small vinyl logo stickers, Ghostbusters 1 & 2 special edition dvd pack, EGB slimer cube (KFC?), stay puft pencil sharpener with slimer pencil topper with stay puft paper (not in photo) and RGB "moving ruler" (not in photo) in "containment chamber" case from McDonalds happy meal, Spengler name patch, GB logo patch, NECA slimer...

figures: "Fright Features" (janine, egon, peter, winston, ray) - "Real Ghostbusters" original figures (ray, egon, winston, peter) - "Super Fright Features" (peter, ray, winston, egon w/ missing helmet), "Screaming Heroes" (egon, peter, ray, janine), "Slimed Heroes" (louis w/ purple proton pack & green squirter ghost) - "Power Pack Heroes" (janine & peter), and several misc. guns

extra figures: "Fright Features" ray (three), "FF" egon (two), "FF" janine (one), "Original RGB" ray (one), "Super FF" peter (one)

monster/ghost figures: Tombstone Tackle, Mummy Monster, Wolfman Monster, X-Cop, yellow Gulper Ghost, blue Grabber Ghost, blue "Ghost Popper" ghost, two orange Claw Ghosts (from Ecto 1 toy), Slimer from die cast Ecto 1 (the car itself was accidentally damaged)

Ben's Collection

Here is Ben's sweeeeeet collection. Seriously I'm jealous

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