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Filmation's Ghostbusters by Schaper (1986)

Here is the the Flimation's Ghostbusters toyline by Schaper and later by Tyco. The great thing about this line was the attention to detail. The figures had high quality sculpts and paint apps. The best part about this series was the vehicles and playsets. Schaper added so many functions to the vehicles and playsets that they gave Kenner's a run for thier money. Towards the end of the series Tyco bought out Schaper and some rare figure feature the Tyco logo.

A commercial from Schaper's FGB Toyline

Schaper was a smaller toy company that didn't have the production and distribution capacities as bigger toy companies. The figures themselves where scarce until European and Latin supplies were made available to the United States. Unfortunately the vehicles and playsets were even harder to find. To the point of the general collecting public believing that the Ghost Buggy and Ghost Command were never released. With the advent of Ebay and other online stores. A few Ghost Buggys' and Ghost Commands' show up every now and then. Reaching in the hundreds of dollars for both.

From the 1986 Sears Christmas Catalog

    The toyline didn't make it past the first series, with Filmation's Ghostbusters not being able to keep up with The Real Ghostbusters. Only within the past few years has Schaper's FGB line become a sought after series. Do to the great quality, quirkiness, and rareness of the toyline.

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Good Guys

Ghostbusters & Allies (1986)

   Here is the Ghostbusters & Allies released by Schaper. The card artwork featured Tracy, Jake, and Eddie for all of these figures. Belfry and Bat-A-Rat were packaged together on the "Hero" card back even though Bat-A-Rat is a villain. I am putting them in this section.

Bad Guys

Villains (1986)

    Here is the Villains released by Schaper. Like the Ghostbusters & Allies figures these did not have specific car artwork. Just art featuring Prime Evil, Bat-A-Rat, and Scared Stiff.

Ghost Buggy

Here is the very cool Ghost Buggy. The great thing was that it actually functioned like it did on the show turning into a plane, boat, and car. It paid great attention to detail and is very rare. Along with the Ghost Command, the Ghost Buggy is very hard to find.

Time Hopper

Scare Scooter and More

Here are some misc vehicles

Ghost Command

Here is a pretty killer playset for the Filmation's Ghostbusters, but according to the box it says "So Much Fun it's Spooky!" Why is having fun spooky?

  These pictures are from turnbolt's  awesome FGB collection.

Bone Troller

Here is Prime Evil's control center. Another great playset from the Filmation's line. They managed to jam pack so much into the playset. The box pictures below show all of its cool features.

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