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Custom Figures

Do you have some cool custom GB figs that you made. Well send them to the GB Toy Archive, we would love to have your collection shown here.

Custom Ecto 1 and Ecto 1A

Seriously these things look amazing! I don't know who made these but I want them now!

Custom RGB figs: Unknown Creators

Here is a set of unknown RGB custom figures made by various unknown creators. If you recognize one as your own email me, and i'll make sure you get proper credit.

Gareee's Custom EGB Janine

Crispin's Custom EGB's

Here is Crispin of GBAF fame's custom Kylie and Roland.

Cazafantasma's Peter and Scoleri Brother

Astro Zombie's Custom 12inch Ray

Here is a great version of a 12inch Ray by Astro Zombie

Jas's Custom RGB Repaints

Here is a picture of Jas's great repaints of the series 1 RGB figs to match the movie we all love.

He did an excellent job on repainting the proton packs,  I wish I had one myself.

Here is a nice custom paint job to make the first series RGB figs match the cartoon shows color scheme. He also added Janine and Louis to the mix with their very one proton packs.

PC'S Custom Figs

Here are some awesome custom figs made by the famous ProtonCharger. He used GI Joes to make this cool set of figures.

From left to right it's Winston, Ray, Pete, and Egon.

                         Egon                                                 Winston

                      Ray                                                      Pete

Here are some cool shots of his custom Ecto 1

Custom EGB'S

This pic was on Spookbusters Site, but I dont know if there his or not. There pretty cool so i put them up anyway.

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